Coffice is a new business concept, including a colourful and relaxing café-lounge, instant offices and the possibility of organizing
corporate events.
Coffice can help you find your ideal office space, if you have a start-up business, if you are a freelancer, or a multinational company.
Working from a home office has become more and more common, and it is even a goal for lots of people. And while a great deal of people love the freedom of working from home, the truth is that the monotony may set in from time to time. During those days, you still need WI-FI to face your deadlines, but you really you need a new environment as well.


    Our concept is based on helping thousands of businesses find the best office space for them. If you are looking for the perfect office, Coffice is the only office rental source you need!
    What’s the first thing the visitors see when they arrive at your office? From the exterior of your building (and its immediate surroundings), to the lobby and reception area, each step of the journey builds up an impression of your company; furthermore, renting 10 m² gives the impression you actually rent 300 m², which offers you a prestigious image at a great price.

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    The menu is based only on natural ingredients. We have fresh juice obtained by cold pressing apples. Our homemade pastry products are good for breakfast, as well as they can be served as a snack or with coffee or yogurt, which means they are healthy to eat anytime of the day. Our food focuses on homemade recipes and overall freshness. For instance, we offer a great variety of sandwiches wich taste like home. Each week we will feature new and exciting breakfast, so you can take a break and let us do the cooking. Coffice cakes are almost too pretty to eat them, although they are made from natural products.

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    Annual business conference? Product launch, sales event or a company anniversary? You want something a bit different?
    Coffice organizes business conferences and exclusive corporate events in our extraordinary place. Coffice will provide all you need for organizing a corporate event, from a simple business meeting to an important brand launch.
    We believe that you will connect with your clients in a more persuasive and memorable way, by permanently communicating a creative event or showing your new ideas.
    Keep up to date with all the latest news regarding the corporate events.

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Coffice provides instant offices accommodation in business centres. An extremely important aspect for your business is that you do not need any investment, it is enough to come only with your personal computer.